Dermaplaning  is one of the most popular treatments at SkinScience.  It immediately creates skin that is glowing and smooth.  It gently and comfortably removes dead skin buildup, stimulates superficial collagen removes the vellus or “peach fuzz” hairs from the face.

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation of the skin.  (For a complete explanation of the different types of exfoliation, check out this info graphic:  Types of Exfoliation .)  A typical dermaplaning appointment is about 30 minutes.  When you arrive your skin is cleansed, and then prepped by removing any superficial oils with an astringent solution.  Your skin care therapist then uses an implement to gently plane the dead skin cells from your face.  This is very comfortable; most clients report it feeling like a mild scratching, lots of clients report that it feels relaxing!  Because the skin cells are removed immediately, results are seen immediately!  When you leave the clinic your skin will be brighter and fresher looking right away, with the positive results building day by day till full results are achieved at 7 days post treatment.  You might be slightly pink immediately after, but it generally is very minimal. Dermaplaning is a great treatment to have done before parties or events!

We love Dermaplaning because it significantly increases the effectiveness of products you are using at home.  Removing all that dead skin build up results in deeper penetration of the active ingredients you are using to combat your skin issues.  We also use dermaplaning to increase the effectiveness of other skin care treatments.  Sometimes we recommend doing it before a peel to help with acne scarring, or before an anti-oxidant treatment to better fight brown spots and wrinkles.

At SkinScience, we prefer dermaplaning to microdermabrasion for a few reasons: with dermaplaning we are able to get off up to 5 times more dead skin!  With dermaplaning the skin care therapist is able to have more control over the customization of your treatment, and it is much more sanitary as there are no reusable hoses etc.

After a dermaplaning treatment, we ask that you avoid any overly active products (your skin care therapist will guide you through the do’s and don’ts specific to you) and that you make sure to wear a sunscreen.

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